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Slide M S U O S U I D C The sound of my life Who am I and how can I define myself as an Iranian artist? N HOME

J I I found myself in my ordinary life I found that the way I live and the way I think must be the source of inspiration for my arts. From Mirza-abdollah to John Cage Eventually, I figured out that the sounds in our lives and their varieties, can define our lifestyle and even our relation with nature. Listen

Slide ELECTRONIC MUSIC In electronic music, I mostly use various imitation techniques and I insist on not using too many filters and editing. E

Slide INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC The idea that how performers follow each other in improvised Iranian chamber music led me to experiment with different techniques of music composition, exploring beyond western musical techniques. I

Slide SOUND How our interactions and activities can make the sound of our society? What is the sound of urban life? S

Slide I A N M