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Some of Questions:
- What is your favourite food? Do you cook?
- What was the last sound you heard in your hometown?  
- What was the last meal you ate before fleeing/leaving your country?
- How was the smell of your mother's kitchen when you were home?
What was your first sonic experience of facing the new city?
- Describe your neighborhood. How does it sound and smell? Do you remember the sound and smell of your district in your country?  
- Describe your home town by its smell and sound. 
- Are (were) there any places near your house, like a restaurant, mosque, church, that have specific sounds or smells that you get used to?
- Are there any differences in the smell of fruits and vegetables between countries you have ever lived in? 
- Do (did) you have any daily path toward office, school, or wherever you should go daily? Do you use a car, or do you walk among this path? Please describe any sound or smell that you are experiencing every day on this path.  
- Have you ever felt missing that routine path in your hometown? Have you ever chosen your way based on its familiar sound and smell?  
- Have you ever took a trip back to your own country after a few years of being immigrated? What did you feel when the airplane doors were opened? How was it smell/ sound? Did it look different from when you were living there?
- Had you had any morning rituals in your school? Any songs, slogans, or hymns? Please tell me whatever you remember about these ceremonies and please sing or perform some of them.
- What is your favorite meal your mom used to cook? Tell me why you loved it? What made that so special to you? How did it smell, look? Do you remember any sounds she made during her cooking? Can you tell the recipe from its beginning to the end? Could you ever experience that outside your mother’s kitchen after you left your country? Have you ever tried? Please explain your experience. 
- Have you experience being questioned by locals about the food you were eating, cooking or your language, music that you were playing or listening to? Have any of your neighbors ever knocked on your door to ask about the weird smell during your cooking?
- How have you changed? How this new sound and smell have changed you and your attitudes?
- How long did it take to adapt to your new place, your new city, country, and cultural meaning? 
- Each society has its different meanings of urban sound and smell. Do you live differently outside and inside your house? Are there any activities that you don’t do outdoor because you feel that might be perceived as a strange activity for local people? Have you ever had any experience of an unintentional reveal of these private activities? How did you manage it?
- How often do you miss your home town? What makes you feel this? 
- Do you regularly go to any ethnic bar or restaurants? Why? What does it feel for you? What is it there that makes you feel at home? How often do you visit these kinds of places?
- If you want to spend one day in memory of your own hometown, what would you do? Have you ever experience setting up everything exactly the same as you were in your country? What did you do? Did you do it alone or with your friends?  
- Please name one music tracks that make you listen whenever you miss home. 
- Before you go abroad, what was your music playlist? Name 3 to 5 music tracks that you used to listen to at that time. What is your new playlist? Do you think that living in another country has changed your music listening habits? If yes, please explain how.
- If you want to add whatever I haven’t asked you before, please tell me. It might be a story, memory, or any specific feelings toward sound and smell in your urban life. 
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